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Never return gold back after trade has be

Updated:22 Aug 2014Hits:6293


Never return or never give back the gold after trade has been completed with a seller. Legit sellers will never ask you to return the gold after the trade is complete.Only imposter want to get gold free by that way. Do not return the gold under any circumstances, even if you think it's the same character that just traded with you. If you encounter any sellers requesting for a return, kindly report this matter to us immediately. 


For example:

7:21:59 [Operator] hey
7:22:35 [Visitor] hey so apperently i am being told that i am getting 250k (only ordered 200) and that i need to trade back for screenshots (which i have not as of yet)
7:22:47 [Visitor] but i have alrdy spent some of it and only have 87 left

7:24:20 [Operator] what do u mean

7:24:34 [Operator] I already warned you at first man

7:24:42 [Visitor] i know i havent traded anything back

7:24:47 [Operator] I said there maybe scammer who wants to scam u in game

7:24:47 [Visitor] i still have it

7:24:54 [Visitor] thats why im here

7:25:02 [Visitor] to see if its legit bc it sounds fishy to me

7:25:04 [Operator] we already logged out

7:25:22 [Operator] that s how scammer often scam customer

7:25:30 [Operator] they make many excuse

7:25:42 [Operator] ask him to trade u 50kg  first

7:25:45 [Visitor] thats what i thought. thats why i contacted here before doing anything

7:25:54 [Operator] yea u r clever

7:26:08 [Operator] if I didnt warn u maybe you give gold back

7:26:44 [Operator] there are some kids who dont have money to buy gold  and then scam customers in game

7:27:03 [Operator] they often stay at sw or starting zone to watch ppl to trade gold

7:27:21 [Operator] once its completed then try to scam customers

7:27:36 [Operator] we never ask customer to trade gold back cuz that s not safe

7:27:55 [Visitor] yea i figured. thats all i needed to know thanks

7:28:00 [Operator] np

7:28:02 [Operator] take care sir

7:28:09 [Operator] just ingore them

7:28:15 [Operator] we already be off

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